1971 JEEP CJ-5 - "Envy"
Owner duffelpud

Rig 1971 JEEP CJ-5
Engine Type 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Vehicle Class Full-size Luxury
Color Avocado Mist
Updated 07-21-2015 12:54 PM
Mileage 0 Miles
Purchase Date 06-01-2015
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1971 Kaiser Willys / AMC Jeep CJ-5. This is one of the last of the short hood CJ-5's built from Kaiser Willys inventory shortly after AMC bought them out. The engine was manufactured on August 8, 1970 and the vehicle was assembled during December of the same year. The vehicle is mostly original - paint, F-134 Hurricane engine with generator, Donaldson air breather system, axles, trannie and T-case. It marks its territory thoroughly and often.

One month after this Jeep was assembled, Apollo 14 delivered Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell to Fra Mauro on the lunar surface of the moon. This was Man's third trip to the moon. Shepard was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and the first American to travel into space. He was the only Mercury Seven astronaut to walk on the Moon. During the mission, he hit two golf balls on the lunar surface.

At the same time this Jeep was being assembled, another off road - make that off WORLD - vehicle was being built by Boeing for use on the surface of the Moon. The 4x4 Lunar Roving Vehicle was driven during the Apollo 15 mission. While this Jeep originally sold for around $2,500, the LRV came in at $38,000,000, not including delivery!

Five days after this Jeep's engine was assembled, then President Richard Nixon decided to remove the United States Dollar from the gold standard.

The month this Jeep was assembled, the Soviet Union successfully landed a spacecraft on the planet Venus. A damaged Venera 7 spacecraft was able to transmit data for 23 minutes before going silent. It was the first man made object to land on another planet.