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Thread: Ham Radio Links and Resources

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    Lightbulb Ham Radio Links and Resources

    The links below provide information to study, practice, and take the Technician class and General class Amateur Radio License Exam without having to attend a class or "Ham Cram".

    The info is free, so a $15 fee (for the 35 question, multiple choice exam) is all the investment required for the 10 year license. Books and CDs can also be purchased if needed. I used the links below to self study, practice, schedule an exam and obtain my technician license.

    The General license is more advanced, but allows more frequencies. I have two radios now, and they can be completely utilized with the Technician license. Most handheld radios only require a Technician license, and a Technician can access all of the useful Houston and surrounding repeaters to extend their range.

    Josh's Ham Technician Exam question/answer pool:


    Josh's Ham General Exam question/answer pool:


    *I have deleted the "wrong" answers from my pool files, so I could memorize the question and the right answer. Do not memorize the letter of the answer, as they change the order randomly.

    The Original Question Pools:

    ARRL Ham Band & Frequency Chart:

    ARRL Ham Band Plan:

    Additional Study Guides:

    Free Online Practice Test or Flash Cards:

    Ham Exam location/schedule search for your area:

    FCC License database Search:

    FCC Part 97 Ham Radio Rules and Regulations:

    Here are some powerpoint presentations:
    The link to the site:

    This is for the Technician License, 28mb download:

    This is for the General License, 43mb download:

    Helpful Formulas:

    Ohms Law Formula:

    Volts=Amps x Ohms
    Amps=Volts / Ohms

    Wavelength to frequency
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    Great Info.
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