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Thread: Texas 4WD Rig of the Month Contest Rules: *READ THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING ANY PICTURES*

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    Texas 4WD Rig of the Month Contest Rules: *READ THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING ANY PICTURES*

    Texas 4WD Rig of the Month Contest Rules, read the below before submitting a picture.

    Submit a picture, of your rig (dirty, clean, action shot, still shot, mild or wild mods, etc…) the community will vote on the best for the month. At the end of each year the 12 winning rigs will be included in the Rig of the Month Calendar! The calendar will be available for sale; all proceeds will benefit a charity or community organization. The rules are able to be modified if needed; this is the first time we are running such a contest. If there are any issues with the below please bring them up in a respectful manner so we can develop a solution and move forward accordingly.

    1. One picture may be submitted per member per month (if multiples are submitted the first one will be the one that is judged). Make it count!
    2. All pictures shall be "Safe for Work" and "Family Friendly", pictures that violate this will not be included in the voting process.
    3. Each rig shall only win one month from the year, a member with multiple rigs may win multiple months. The intention is to have a nice variety for the calendar.
    4. Once a rig has won a "Rig of the Month Status" all future submissions of the same vehicle will not be counted in the vote.
    5. If another members rig is in the background and not the main focus of a winning picture it will still be eligible for future submissions and votes.
    6. Winners of "Rig of the Month" will be contacted for supply of an original full size copy of the picture. The bigger the file the better for editing purposes.
    7. A new thread will be opened at the beginning of each month and close the last day of each month. Example, July will be open from 1st July 2014 until 31st July 2014. Any submissions with the time stamp after 11:59pm on the last day of the month will not be eligible for voting.
    8. Months that have passed, or were missed will be made up throughout the year as deemed necessary.
    9. All 12 winners of the “Rig of the Month Contest” will receive a free calendar.
    10. The picture does not have to be taken in the month is it submitted. Example, if there is a picture that was taken in December, it can win for the month of July.
    11. Pictures do not have to be taken in Texas. Example, you may submit pictures from your Moab trip.

    For any questions please post them in the suggestions/ discussions/ questions sticky thread. Or contact m1009krawler (Alex Mathews).

    Let’s see those Rigs!
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