I'm helping out with a charity gravel adventure bicycle ride. There are four courses ranging from 30 to over 100 miles. Most of the routes are on dirt/gravel roads and there are some creek crossings that may be a foot or more deep.

We need several vehicles that can ford creeks and bring in riders with broken bikes or injuries.

The ride starts on a private ranch near China Spring, about 15 miles NW of Waco. It will be beautiful as the wildflowers are in full bloom! The race organizers will provide volunteers with good food, adult beverages and gas money.

Proceeds go to several 501c3 charities, including the testicular cancer foundation and Waco bike club which works with kids on bike safety.

Details to register on Volunteeer Spot here: https://vols/pt/WaCNhC

Thanks in advance!

Dave Morrow