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Big Micho
10-27-2014, 11:40 PM
I have an 08 bone stock FJ and an 06 expedition. i'm going back and forth and cant decide which i should build up next. i need new tires for both and wanted to lift them both. I already have a leveling kit for the expedition but found a great deal on an 8 rize lift kit that will clear 35 so i'm leaning towards that. but i already have a big truck with big tires on it. so i'm thinking of the fj cruiser and that is where lies the problem. there are so many options for the fj that i don't know what to do. i see lots of people saying that a 3" suspension lift is the max i want to go and that i shouldn't run larger than 33" tires. I use the fj as my daily work truck, it sounds silly but i use it as a work truck. I like taller tires for better ground clearance as the only off roading i've ever done is mudding and some trail ridding in ol mexico but that is very rare. i really like the 6" fabtech lift for the fj but i cant swing that kind of cash right now. i love 35" tires and wanted to know if i do decide to work up the fj which route should i go. all-pro 3" long travel suspension lift, OME 3" lift, rcd 6" lift, pro comp 6" lift, or fabtech 6" lift. there are so many that i can't name them all. what would be best all around lift for the fj? too many options and not enough time to research all of the fj lifts. please help me decide.

Furthermore, i'm planning to go to BVORR and it was suggested that i use the fj over my other vehicles. I don't know what the trails are like but i can imagine it's more of a trail rock crawling park which i have no shame in admitting i'm a noob in that area. so before i spend cash on lift i want to get a lift that will embody more of that style ridding.

Big Micho
10-30-2014, 08:35 PM
so it starts. Im getting a rize 8" lift for the expedition since im getting a great deal on it. i will be posting pics as soon as the lift gets here. the long travel for the fj is going to set me back about 6-8 grand if doing that right the first time. so i will be buying parts here and there till i have the complete lift that i want for the fj.

11-16-2014, 12:23 PM
Hey Micho keep on posting. I know this forum doesn't get much attention but maybe a few new faces will liven it up. I've been reading on some of the other builds this morning and it's giving me a little inspiration to do some of the mods I have in mind to mine. I'll start a build thread too. Should of taken a few pics when I first got it but not much has changed in appearance yet anyway. At least now the little Toyota starts, shifts and kinda stops lol when I want it to.
Good luck with yours.